Discourse is the perfect foundation for all speakers, both novice and experienced, to understand the art of debate.


Justice Betty, Second Speaker Overall at the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Championships


What is Discourse?

Discourse is a debate camp in Toronto (online for 2020) for students entering grades 8 to 12. Discourse has run since 2011 and helped 150 students learn analytical and communication skills to last a lifetime. The camp is limited to 14 students. Discourse will run from August 17-21, 2020 online via videoconferencing software because of COVID-19. Click here to register. Have a question? Please e-mail info@discoursedebatecamp.com.

The Coach

Shakir Rahim coached debate at top Ontario schools for over a decade. He is now a practicing lawyer focused on litigation and continues to run Discourse Debate Camp during the summer. His debate coaching clients included the University of Toronto Schools, Branksome Hall, and St. Andrew’s College. Shakir also privately coached Canadian and American students for debate competitions from the local to global level. In 2013, he completed a six-month project teaching debate in Queenstown, South Africa.

In his own debate career, Shakir won the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championships twice. His debate career also included winning the BC Provincial Debate Championships five years consecutively in his category, the Junior National Debate Championships, and the National Public Speaking Championships. In law school, Shakir received several awards for oral advocacy, including a Dickson Medal for Exceptional Performance at the Gale Cup, the premier criminal-constitutional legal advocacy competition in Canada.

Have a question? Please e-mail us at info@discoursedebatecamp.com.